After coronavirus new record in real estate sales in Turkey!

Home sales broke double records with a low interest move. An all-time high in both credit and total sales came in July. Compared to last year, sales increased by 124.3 percent and became 229 thousand 357. 7,400 homes sold every day

During the normalization process of the public banks that started on June 1, double records were broken in housing sales with the effect of the mortgage loan campaign put into practice to support social life. In July, we reached an all-time high in both credit and total sales. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the country 20.7 percent compared to the previous month, the number of homes sold in July in general, has increased 124.3 percent compared to the same month last year. A total of 229 thousand 357 houses were sold in July. Every day, 7,400 people bought houses.

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